Milaca Bluegrass Festival
Meet the Bands!
Ostrom Family Band​​

The Ostrom Family Band combines Bluegrass, Old Time, and Fiddle music with clogging to leave audiences wanting more. They seek to bring joy and love for the gospel through their performances.  Benjamin (8) is an enthusiastic singer and plays fiddle. Sophia (10) brings drama to her vocals and mandolin playing. Julia (13) is a serious singer and fiddler. Karina (15) has so much fun playing bass and singing harmonies that she forgets her blisters. Joy (16) shows strength in her vocals and speed in her fiddle playing. Parents Joel (guitar) and Michelle (fiddle) do their best to keep up with the young ones.
The Ostrom Family Band has played a wide variety of events over the years and is beginning to reap the benefits of hours of practice and years of growing and learning together.
Their hope is that peoples’ spirits would be lifted and their faith be encouraged through the gift of music they enjoy sharing.

Singleton Street

Singleton Street plays Bluegrass, Celtic, Gospel, and Americana music. We've played large festivals and small coffee houses; weddings, churches, and Irish pubs; renaissance festivals and even a modern ballet! Whatever or wherever we play we follow simple rule: If you have fun and we have fun, its time well spent.

Our instrumentation includes Guitar, Mandolin, String Bass, Octave Mandolin, Pennywhistle and 3 part vocal harmony. We play a unique blend of Bluegrass, Old Time, Americana and Celtic. We can tailor our set list to your event. We can provide a sound system if needed and can run our own sound. 


Coursing eastward through Western Mille Lacs County is
a Stony Brook, a winding brook that begins and ends in
Mille Lacs County. Just a few short miles in length, Stony
Brook takes its name from its geologic origin - the stony
granite outcrops it meanders over and around as it makes
its way to the Rum River, Alongside its banks live property
owners - neighbors and friends who gather together to play
mandolin, fiddle, bass, autoharp and guitars. In honor of
their origin - from the banks of this small brook that
connects them all together, this band chose its name
- Stony Brook. Stony Brook is a family friendly band that
entertains with secular, old-time and gospel music.
They perform in a variety of venues including churches,
senior citizens events, anniversary and birthday parties,
dances, assisted living and nursing home facilities, and
bluegrass events. They performed at Milaca’s first annual
bluegrass festival event, RecFest, and have been asked to
perform again this year. Band members include: Linda
Fredrickson, Karl Johnson, Glen Gadacz, Dan Almquist,
Norris Johnson, Mona Robinson, Jamie Berg, Ann
Johnson, Ken Van Driel, and Gary Eggen.

Cross Country

“Cross Country” is a small group of musicians who enjoy playing music. We all agree, this great country we live in, needs a bit more of the Cross; our mission was established! We hope to put joy into the heart and soul of all who lend an ear to our music.
We enjoy playing at churches, nursing homes, small coffee shops, the neighbors patio, pretty much anywhere people gather. We play a variety of music, with a focus on Country Gospel. Our goal is to keep those old songs in the hearts and minds of our listeners. We also play Classic Country, Bluegrass, Blues and a few original songs.

Tony Rook

Born and raised in North Carolina, Tony Rook is no bluegrass novice. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 12, rocking out in the local music scene before returning to his bluegrass roots. Tony, now a multi-instrumentalist, describes his music as “incredibly personal.” His songs convey real-life experiences and hardships through soulful lyrical arrangements and intricate guitar riffs. His album “Labor of Love,” released in 2000 with Rook & Wood, garnered much recognition in the bluegrass community and inspired Tony to continue to push his musical boundaries. In his debut solo project “The Road Back Home,” released in March 2016, Tony showcases his singer/songwriter skills with eight original tracks of contemporary bluegrass featuring award-winning artists such as Becky Buller, Matt Flinner, and Dick Kimmel & Co. Tony Rook Band members are Brent Fuqua on mandolin and vocals, Terry Johnson on bass and vocals, and Graham Sones on banjo and vocals. Brent brings a modern approach to his playing, his breaks in particular. He’s a strong instrumentalist whose creativity, enthusiasm and energy helps drive TRB. As its bassist, Terry is TRB’s backbone and brings those high tenor harmonies. Graham brings a driving banjo to the quartet. He’s extremely versatile and can easily shift from melodic fiddle tunes to a straight-ahead Scruggs style.

Carver Creek Bluegrass Band

Carver Creek is a band of five siblings who specialize in... not specializing! With guitar, bass, banjo, fiddle, viola, bodhran, pennywhistle, mandolin, cajon, and the haunting tones of the musical saw at their disposal, anything goes, and the group pulls it all together with blended sibling harmonies and a warm stage presence. It's like the old saying about Minnesota weather, "If you don't like it, wait five minutes and it will change."  Bluegrass, Gospel, Irish, Country, and Old Time music are all likely to make an appearance in any given show and you can never tell what the next song will bring. So, bring your feet and get ready for a toe-tapping good time!  

​​ Mary DuShane & Nick Jordan

Mary DuShane was the original fiddler for the Powdermilk Biscuit Band on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion radio show. Since then, she has worked in bands playing country rock, old time, country swing, country blues and Cajun music.
Mary is very happy to be teamed up these last few years with Nick Jordan, a seasoned player who sings well and plays guitar, mandolin, flute, whistle and foot percussion. Together they present a lively array of vintage old time, Cajun and swing songs, with Appalachian and some Irish fiddle tunes.

​Porcupine Creek

The Porcupine Creek band is made up of young, talented musicians all under the age of 21 years old. The band’s music is inspired by the legends of bluegrass music, along with subtle influences from today’s newgrass, plus classic country, cowboy, folk and rock tunes. The band performs their songs in the driving instrumental bluegrass style and always mixes in a few original songs, which pleases crowds of all ages.

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